How to find the history of version installed?

Hi, i have a trouble with my gitlab omnibus docker instance after a failed upgrade (of my fault).

I try to revert back to previous version as i was advised some days ago, but as i don’t version my docker-compose file, i’m not sure of the precedent working version.

How could i get the version history of gitlab ?
I’m trying to find :

  • logs with running trace of the version like a “gitlab vxx.xx started”
  • logs with trace of upgrade like “start upgrade 14.2.1-ce.0 to 14.2.3-ce.0”

ha maybe i found a method with docker :
“docker image ls” give the image downloaded with versions !
14.1.5 and 14.2.3 !

i try revert to 14.1.5 and see if restart

YEAH : restart ok, even with all the wrong operations i’ve done, gitlab up ! with data it seems !!
ok, now backup and redo the right upgrade path.

The admin panel should show the right versions possible to upgrade as advice. Always a little boring to find the latests versions minor/intermediate in the release blog page.

By curiosity, i’m still interested by the topic, to learn something on the logs, and version management :slight_smile:
And could be usefull to see what was my histor upgrade version (was proud to show at my old work that i was able to upgrade automatically (and near blindly) all this stack each month without problem on more than 3 years !