How to fix user mentions in issue comments

Hi all! First of all, thanks a lot to the GitLab team for how smooth and easy the migration from one GitLab instance to another went. Great tooling!

I’m having one issue with my team’s latest GitLab import, though. While issue assignees were migrated properly (thanks to the users’ public e-mail address being set), the links to mentioned users in issue descriptions and comments, as well as the issues’ full list of participants, are missing.

Does someone have a way to fix these, potentially with a couple of SQL queries?

I already tried updating the notes table using string replacements (e.g. regexp_replace(note, '@user_old', '@user_new'), adapt the issue_user_mentions accordingly for a few samples, and then regenerate the Markdown. However, manually changing database entries feels wrong for someone like me who is not involved with GitLab’s code base whatsoever. And it also didn’t fix the issue’s participants list.

I’d appreciate some help here! :slight_smile: