How to get QR code again to login into gitlab if mobile has been reset

I have been registered to gitlab, then my mobile has been reset and authenticator is installed again, so to add gitlab account into authenticator I need QR code which is not showing, also unable to login into gitlab due to not having recovery code. I tried to generate recovery code by using “ssh 2fa_recovery_codes” command but I am getting error “Permission denied (publickey)”.

Please help on this

As per all the hundreds of posts already on the forum, if you have no backup of your authenticator app, or you do not have SSH key uploaded to your account to generate new recovery codes, then you have lost access to your account. You could try opening a support ticket, like also already suggested in the posts on this forum.

Please search the forums first before posting, it saves us from repeating ourselves when the question has already been answered hundreds of times already.