How to get ready state in a good way with Kubernetes environments?

We are using Gitlab runner to deploy helm charts to Kubernetes, and that works really fine - the only thing I try to improve in the workflow is to have a message to a slack channel when the deployment is finished, when all pods are ready. Anyone have some hints?

Hi @mikkeschiren

I think the Slack notifications integration might do what you want out of the box.

If not, with some of my repos I have a final stage in the pipeline called something like validate which checks that (for example) websites are up and running, just with a repeated request to curl. That, together with the integration, means that there’s always a Slack message when a deployment is finished.

Thanks, but I need something to check the status of the new pods, normally site stays up during the deployment.

Right, I haven’t used Helm so I’m just guessing, but maybe helm status or something would do the job?