How to get started contributing to GitLab

To get started, please visit the main “Contribute” page

Choose what kind of contributions you’d like to make

Here are some areas of focus. We value all contributions, not just coding ones!

Tips & Tricks

Find an issue to get started

  • Work through issues with the label Accepting merge requests and has the Backlog milestone
    • These issues have been reviewed by GitLab team members and they are often listed in the issue
    • However, any other contributions are welcome and you don’t even need an issue to submit an MR!

Here’s how a project board might look like with various labels to help you find what to work on:

Where to get help

For any other questions or feedback, please email

Events and Activities

  • A virtual event is held once a quarter.
  • Open to anyone (no registration required) who is interested in making contributions to GitLab.
  • Prizes are awarded to everyone for having Merge Requests (MRs) merged and there are other awards for each Hackathon.
  • Hackathon landing page