How to get started with learning Gitlab CI/CD

Hi, I have been tasked with learning Gitlab CI/CD. Never done this before. Can you share where to start for learning everything about Gitlab CI/CD, handson online training with some real life scenarios please?

Hi @pspravin,

I’ve some URLs regarding to your issue. I hope they might help you a lot to understand about it.
These are as:

  1. Continuous integration vs. continuous delivery vs. continuous deployment

  2. Introduction to CI/CD with GitLab

  3. Watch “CI/CD | Continuous Integration | Delivery | Deployment” on YouTube

  4. Watch “GitLab CI Live Demo” on YouTube


I’ve recently provided a workshop at OSMC for my employer NETWAYS, and open sourced the training material including exercises/solutions.

Next to many GitLab best practices, this also includes a deep dive into CI, container registry and package builds.

If you have more feedback from learning CI, and how to improve this, please add your thoughts to this epic: