How to get the runner token after auto-registration?

After deploying the gitlab runner in the kubernetes using the instructions on GitLab Runner Helm Chart | GitLab I have the runner that have automatically registered in my gitlab instance. Good.

But I need to configure it to make it usable. I can do that in the system administraton on the gitlab. Good.

But then, when the runner pod starts again, it reigstered a new runner, and all configuration changes are lost. Bad.

I can create secret with the runner token instead of registration token, and then the existing configuration will be used. So far so good.

But then there’s a part that is totally missing and I’ve failed to find a clue how to do that. How do I get that runner token? Gitlab settings shown me only the first part of the token, I can’t use that in the secret. When I log into the pod, I can’t display the content of the /etc/gitlab-runner/ because I don’t have priviledges. So how I’m supported to get that runner token? Without it, there’s no use of auto-registration feature in the helm chart…