How to increase max file size limit for releases/binaries in Gitlab ce?

I’m running Gitlab CE on a raspberry pi 3, when I create a tag, add release notes and then try to attach a file I found that it gives this generic error if the binary is above 10mb:

Looking into it I found records saying that the max file size for an individual binary is 10mb, on this is fine for a free plan, but when I’m self hosting I should be able to increase this, is there a way to increase the max binary size in Gitlab CE? If so, how?

I’m not aware of a way to change the max file size, but you might want to look into

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I’ve spent hours looking but I finally found it under .com/admin/application_settings/general

From there you expands the Accounts and Limits section, and increase the maximum attachment size to whatever you’d like.