How to increase nginx payload for Ingress in Autodevops?

Hello community!

We’re using the cloud version of Gitlab with Autodevops successfully deploying to a Kubernetes cluster.
We’ve come across and issue I can’t find a solution to and I’m asking for your advice.

How can we increase the size of NGINX payloads for Ingress running as an application for a Kubernetes cluster setup via Gitlab?

This seems to the solution, but I would be very greatfull for advice how to implement it correctly.

Nobody knows how to increase the 1mb limit?

Solution, hope it helps someone

Create a YAML file in your repository .gitlab/auto-deploy-values.yaml with the following content
annotations: “true” “nginx” “10m”

This will override the HELM chart values from this file, please follow the indentation structure, it was removed in the example above