How to inherit repository access? Recursive permission access

I use (not self hosted).

I would like to know if (and if not, when) it is possible to do this:

I have 3 repos and 3 teams.

I would like to give accesses like that:
Team1 -> Repo1
Team2 -> Repo1, Repo2
Team3 -> Repo1, Repo2, Repo3

Am I forced to do this manually for each team or is there a way to have inheritance ?
Like this: I give Team3 access to Repo3 and it automatically gets access to Repo1 and Repo2

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

@yhool For an access structure like this, you’ll probably need to have each repository separated into its own subgroup within an overall parent group. You can then add each team member to the subgroup that contains the project that they’ll need access to.

You won’t be able to add them all to the parent group as they’ll then inherit those permissions all the way down.

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Can you write a small visual example? @Tristan i keep reading it again and don’t get it (tired lol)