How to install dedicated Sidekiq node(s) for HA

We currently have a somewhat minimal gitlab-ee High Availabilty configuration; I’m looking to scale it a bit more. Use the omnibus installer for pretty much everything on Redhat 7.

I am considering moving to the Hybrid Architecture, as described in the documentation at that link. One of the components involves splitting Sidekiq out of the Application nodes – the diagram calls for 2 dedicated Sidekiq nodes.

However, there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on how to do this exactly. So far I’ve been able to set mostly everything up with the omnibus installer and enabling/disabling certain roles in gitlab.rb. I can find pretty good documentation for every other component, but nothing about setting up Sidekiq nodes. Am I just missing it? Does anyone know how to set up a dedicated Sidekiq node for gitlab, either manually or through the gitlab-ee omnibus installer?

Thanks in advance!