How to label myself as "Community Core Team" in this Forum

I would like to label myself as “Community Core Team” rather than “Hero” according to my position.

See @haynes 's profile for detail.

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@dnsmichi ^^^

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Hey @tnir, I was able to update your profile! Thank you for all your contributions :tada:

Thanks @sugaroverflow. Add them (all Community Core Team) some badge before adding the badge to Heroes.

I would say this is why the current GitLab community team has looked down GitLab Core team members than Heroes.

@tnir thank you for the feedback :sparkling_heart: !

I created an issue to create a Community Core Team group on the forums to add in the titles and have them take priority over the GitLab Heroes title.

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Summary: Each Core Team member should request Community team to add the badge and then will be entitled as the badge in a day. But no badge for them yet.

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I just created the Community Core team user group :tada: and marked it as a primary group for folks. You should see the title under your names.

I searched through the list of Core Team members and added everyone I could find on the forum (searched by names and gitlab usernames). Will tag the Core Team on the issue to make sure I didn’t miss anyone with a forum account :slight_smile:

No special badge/icon yet, but I’ll look into that.

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