How to manually approve a failed pipeline job


I would like my merge request pipeline to compare artifacts of the two branches and fail when there is a difference.

I found a few open issues relating to diff view of artifacts in merge requests.
So guess it’s not supported to include the artifact review in the MR.
It wouldn’t be hard to do the comparison in the job in another way, so my issue comes down to approval when there is a difference.

When a job has failed due to a difference in artifacts I would like to be able to manually approve it and continue the pipeline.
It would also be ok if the pipeline continues on failure but it must not be possible to merge it before manual approval of the failed job. So I can’t just allow failure for that job.

I have looked through this documentation but didn’t find a solution that I see fit.

Seem the approval rule feature for code coverage decrease is just want. But I need it for a specific pipeline job, so any way I can get that ?