How to merge 2 MRs in 2 different repos

Our proejct is on gitlab, we have multiple different repos lets suppose 2:
repo_A, repo_B
when we do a change to repo_A. we add MR to repo_A and CI runs (it uses current branch for repo_A and latest master for repo_B) and if passes we merge it, same for repo_B.
sometimes we have common changes, means we do a change in both repo_A and repo_B that can’t work without each other, then we need to run common CI and merge the both MRs in same click.
I know we can edit gitlab-ci.yml to force it use the other branch, but we don’t want to merge that yaml.


+void goo() {}
int main() {


+void foo(){}
int main() {

we must merge 2 MRs in same click to not have “temporary” fails or force merging a failing MR