How to moderate project creation?


I have to implement a Gitlab and we have to moderate project creation.

We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to French local governments and we can accept only projects related to, in a way or another, local governments. If someone want to register a project not related to our scope, we redirect her/him to online services like… :slight_smile:

So my question is: how to accept/reject project creation ?

By “moderate”, I mean: an admin decides whether or not the project is created. (I’d like to avoid letting a user create a project then delete it afterwards).

I searched the forum and the issues (terms: project creation, restrict, moderate, moderation) and didn’t find a solution. Issue 19313 is about moderating content, but not projects. Issue 20397 is too strong as it does not authorize project creation at all.

Does anyone know how to accept or reject a project creation ?

You could write your own “Repository Creation Tool” that uses the GitLab API. Then, instead of users creating projects directly, you would have them submit requests in your tool. If an admin approves the request, your tool uses the API to create the project. If the admin denies the request, then nothing is done in GitLab.

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