How to pay a monthly subscription for the GitLab account?

I started the trial period and now want to upgrade but it not showing the monthly payment option, It showing the yearly payment option, please help me, so I can pay monthly not yearly.

How to pay a monthly subscription for the GitLab account?


I don’t think you can. Traditionally subscriptions have been made and paid for a year, but earlier this year (I don’t remember when) GitLab announced that they would change some (all?) subscriptions to be paid quarterly, but I don’t remember the details of which/when (I believe I concluded that when our subscription was up for renewal later in the year we would be affected).

Hey-a! EM on the Fulfillment team here, we build a lot of the billing features in GitLab.

Good memory @grove :slight_smile:

The announcement you were thinking of to pay quarterly is GitLab introduces updates to paid tiers for improved billing and subscription management | GitLab

@vikas-ouctus unfortunately we do not support the monthly payment option - there’s a very short answer on this here Licensing and subscription FAQ | GitLab

We’re continuously working on improving our billing but monthly payments isn’t on the short-term roadmap.