How to prevent welcome page asking for role on first sign-in of new user?

We have Gitlab 15.9 CE (self-hosted)

following scenario:

  • new external user gets invited to a project by email
  • user sign-up / register (sadly, sign-up needs to be enabled for all and not onyl for invited users)
  • new user logs in the first time with newly created username and password
  • user will be redirected to “/users/sign_up/welcome” saying “…we’d like to know a bit more about you…” and asking for a role

What is the purpose of this welcome page?
Why a new user need to choose a role? The term ‘role’ is misleading with the role of a project member.
What will be done with the information (selected role)?
Any new user who sees this, would think this page is enabled by the admin with intent and serves any purpose maybe a survey.
But if I, as an admin, will be asked by project owner or new users, why new users get to this annoying welcome page, I can’t say any good reason. For me, this seems useless, too.
So, my last question is, how can this welcome page be disabled, so a new user gets instantly logged in?

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I’ve just setup 15.10 CE (Self hosted) and have the same question. I am primarily using gitlab as a support portal for my customers and partners.
Is it possible to skip this page or at least edit the list of roles ?
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@pwrtr Did you manage to get this resolved please ? Thanks!

I have the same question.

Could this issue try to solve this: Remove role required on signup as the ensure onboarding covers this (#411858) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab ?