How to purge Uploads / Quota limits


I have around 6.9GB of artifacts (mainly old releases) that were pushed as “uploads” in a project on

We are migrating to the better suited packages as I try to implement best practices, but I need to purge those files from the uploads section which is not currently possible from the web interface as far as I know.

Question 1 : How to list all the files already uploaded using the project/:id/uploads API ?

FYI, this is the command that was used :

curl --request POST --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: <my-private-token>" --form "file=@<my-file-name>" "<project-id>/uploads"

Question 2 : How to delete the files uploaded using the project/:id/uploads API ?

I found the following page, but it doesn’t mention how to do it on , I’m not sure how to overcome this ?

Uploads administration | GitLab (only explains how to do it for gitlab on-prem)

Question 3 : would you know any workaround Q1 & Q2 ?

Thanks in advance for your help !

Some leads I found trying to figure how it’s been implemented in gitlab since it’s not part of git, but it doesn’t help me to delete those files.

Uploads development documentation

" GitLab Workhorse has special rules for handling uploads. To prevent occupying a Ruby process on I/O operations, we process the upload in workhorse, where is cheaper. This process can also directly upload to object storage."`

Uploads administration [all tiers self-managed]

Other sources of info:

For now the features have not been developed :