How to recover from a force push?

We host GitLab locally. I made a mistak and did a force push which seems to have lost some commits. While researching how to revert a force push I came across this post

The blog post deals with how to revert a force push on github, I’m curious whether the same can be done on gitlab without me bothering our Sys Admin?

I have the OLD SHA and my private token but I don’t know whether gitlab provides an API like the one mentioned in the post to revert a force push:

curl -u <your_username> -H ‘Authorization: token <your_just_generated_token>’
–request PATCH
–data ‘{“sha”: “#{OLD_FULL_SHA}”, “force”: true}’

We are using:

GitLab 6.8.1
GitLab Shell 1.9.3
GitLab API v3