How to reset Maximum Users counter

Is it possible to reset manually Maximum Users counter at on-prem GitLab?

I’m unable to install new license:
During the year before this license started, this GitLab installation had N active users, exceeding this license’s limit of X by 12 users.

The point of true up-licensing is that if you had more users than your license allowed, you need to pay for those users the next time you renew your license. What you want to do sounds like circumventing that, you shouldn’t try to.

As resetting that count can basically only be used to circumventing the license model I don’t think it is possible.

All that said, I’m not pleased with the fact that (as far as I can tell) there’s no way to ever go to a license with fewer seats than you have now. Luckily the company I’m working (and maintaining GitLab) for is growing, so we don’t really hit that.

Yep, but I removed all dead users. Maximum Users is much higher than Active users.

Blocked users doesn’t count, so if you just block users when they “die”, you shouldn’t hit this issue. If you have failed to, all I can suggest is that you contact you account manager (or whatever it is GitLab calls it) and plead your case.

@MikeZ_BY Can you please create a Licensing and Renewals Problems Support Ticket so we get our L&R team to help answer your questions and resolve any discrepancies? Thanks!

@grove thanks for helping here (and elsewhere)!

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