How to restrict the user to access the project in to the group?

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As an Administrator, I have created the group on GitLab where I’ve created 5 different projects
I have sent an invite to users to access the group

Now, my concern is about the security of the individual projects
In my case, every user can access the whole project
I just wanted to make sure that, the user can access only the allocated projects!

Can anyone suggest to me how to restrict the user to access the particular project within the same group?

All suggestions & comments welcome

Mahendra (MS)

Projects default to group visibility, but you can make any sub-group more restrictive.

Edit the project

go to visibility

and configure away

Making a project “Private” will restrict its visibility entirely to members, but an alternative is to leave it public but restrict all of the access drop-downs to “only project members”, it ultimately depends on how much/little you want visibile.