How to run GitLab 7.10 Omnibus from http://<domain>/gitlab?


At the moment I access GitLab from the URL: http://[domain]/
How can I make GitLab accessible from URL: http://[domain]/gitlab

I had done this with GitLab 6.5 Source however the files are in complete different place with GitLab 7.10 Omnibus.

This is not yet ported to the omnibus package I’m afraid.

Now that could be a problem for me :smile:

Let me see if I can go around this. If not it will just mean that I have to remain on GitLab Source :expressionless:
Do you know if something like this is in the pipeline?

Shouldn’t be hard to implement. I was planning on submiting an MR, but I have to find some time for the implementation and test :smile:

Thanks axil,

At the moment I had some success using Apache substitution, i.e.

Any request from http://[domainA]/gitlab/ is proxied to http://[domainB]/ (where GitLab 7.10 Omnibus is installed on domainB). I then use Apache2 substitute mod so that the response returned from domainB has any strings of type “href=”/" replaced with “href=”/gitlab/" (same for src fields). I replace these in both html and css.

This works for most of the things. However the links in the middle; those that link to the projects seem (I think) to be generated from Javascript (?) and therefore the address of these is not correct, I will need to see how these links are generated and see if I can get them replaced safely.

Mine is obviously a hack (which I wanted to try out) and it would be much more cleaner - I think - if I could get GitLab to run on http://[domainB]/gitlab/.

Is there a way how I can add a watch to such an MR?

I am not going down the route of “substituting” anymore as I would need to go through each javascript function and see how to replace this. I do not mind waiting for this feature to be added to GitLab 7.10 Omnibus as this is mostly for me.

I haven’t started it yet :confused:

I’ll let you know when.