How to run pipeline in all " release/* " branches?

Hi everyone.

In my work we use git flow to manager our repos branches. And currently we run our CI pipelines only in “master” (we don’t change to main yet) and “developer” branches.

So, in our release process we create releases branches with the following name “release/*” (release/1.0.0 for example) and I want that our pipelines run in this release branches too, without explicity write each branch name.

I tried add “release/*” and “release/” in “only” tag, but the nothing happen, although CI lint acuses that the syntax is right.

There is a way to do that?

Thanks for help :smiley: .

I would try this:

  • if: ’ $CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME =~ /^release/’

This bullet is supposed to be a dash, how does one disable this auto formatting…

Thanks. I also finded that can be used regular expressions in “only”. I will try both.

An example about what I said:

The regex solution worked fine.