How to scale GitLab Omnibus?

Hi there,

I am looking for a more detailed guide on how to scale GitLab Omnibus. The current guide only states the instance size recommendations. Is there something that walks you through configuring a Postgres cluster, putting multiple GitLab rails instances behind a load balancer, etc?

Things I know I’ll have to do:

  • Setup some sort of load balancer (was thinking about using Cloudflare’s load balancer)
  • Setup an NFS Server
  • Setup separate Postgres and Redis and Elasticsearch clusters
  • Setup several Gitaly instances for clones, pushes, pulls, etc
  • Migrate all data over

Some instructions with bash command examples would be super helpful. I’d even be willing to contribute to the docs and use information from the suggestions in this forum thread.

My use-case is a public GitLab instance for hosting my friend’s and I’s projects and scaling is important to us as we add more and more users. While pretty far away from 1000+ active users, I’d rather prepare now rather than in six months in a panicked hurry :slight_smile:

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