How to send a message to user?

I got an “access request” for a project on from a user I don’t know. How can I send him a message? I like to know what he wants to do before I accept or reject the request.

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Did you find any solution? Somehow these gitlab forums don’t seem to be too active :-/

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That is crazy ^^ I have also asked this question now on the GitLab Support Forum and on stackoverflow.

It would seem that this question has been answered on Stack Overflow. To quote the answer:

There is no direct messaging feature that I know of (GitLab 11.2.3, August 2018) which would be integrated with a Group Access Request.

What you can do, for instance, is using the GitLab API to list the request, and then the User API to get their email.

I’d assume this would work only if the user has set a public e-mail. I haven’t checked, though.

In any case, if you’d want to make a case for this feature, the best thing to would be to file an issue (unless there is one already for this request).

Yes, I assume the topic can be closed in this topic :slight_smile: I will still need the feature and file an issue soon.


Great, thanks. Feel free to mark the reply as solving the question if you think it does, and let us know once you file the issue!

Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be able to mark the reply, probably the thread owner would have to do that?

In any case, I filed the issue here: link

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