How to set concurrent property in k8s deployed gitrunner?

  • We have git runner installed in one of our gcp kubernetes cluster. The installation was done using the gitlab kubernetes interface (registered gcp kubernetes cluster using certificate)
  • I am trying to find an option to set the “concurrent” global variable in the runners config.toml
  • I am looking for something like RUNNER_LIMIT environment variable that I can set for the concurrent global variable of the gitrunner config.

In Kubernetes Runners the global concurrent setting does not make sense since you have only one Runner process. concurrent is used when you have multiple runners specified in config.toml like this

concurrent = 10




And you want to ensure that sum of all jobs from all Runners is limited to 10.

In Kubernetes deployed Runners, each runner has it’s own config.toml where only his config is specified. In single Runner process you don’t need a global variable and RUNNER_LIMIT is enough.

Thank you for the reply. It makes perfect sense. The documents said concurrent is the top-level cap on the number of runners you can have and that’s what got me thinking setting it.