How to sort personal repositories

How to I change the sort order of my personal repositories? It appears to be set to “most recently used” and makes finding older repositories challenging.

I’d like to change this to alphabetical so I an quicky zero in on my repo, rather than having to spend extra time looking at every repo name.

You can do that in the top right hand corner, see screenshot below:

on my system it constantly remembers this - probably stored in a cookie, as I haven’t logged out and back in again to see if it resets.

What version are you using? I see that ability for my company’s repositories, but I do not see that for personal repositories.

Using 16.9.2. For me it’s available for all and personal repositories.

Are you using a self hosted version of gitlab?

When I go to the gitlab public website, I see that personal projects are filterable as you’ve shared. The interface looks like my company’s main gitlab page. There might not be an “equivalent” of true personal projects on the gitlab public website.

And then personal projects under the user name are different.

I amble to reproduce the scenario on the public gitlab interface.

  1. Go to

    I see all of my repositories with the ability to sort as you’ve shared.

  2. Expand the left hand side bar, select your icon and click on your name.

    This takes you to your activity page. (This is similar to what happens when I go to to see my stuff).

  3. Expand the left side bar again and select personal projects.

    This is the only way we can see personal projects with our self hosted gitlab instance.

Oh… I found a way to do what you’ve shared.

  1. Start from the gitlab root instance (i.e.

  2. Select Personal from the tabs near the top

  3. Now I can see the personal projects with the ability to sort by name.