How to stop email confirmations with LDAP

Running Gitlab CE on a host in an enclosed AWS account so no email capability.
I am trying to use Freeipa Ldap with it, so any users in the appropriate group can log into gitlab using their LDAP credentials. Unfortunately, whilst the user can log in ok, they cannot do anything without first responding to the confirmation email that they will never get.
Whilst there is a workaround for email confirmations for manually created accounts (admin changes the password), I can find no such workaround for ldap created accounts. Various suggestions on the web either point to config files I don’t have or else give snippets of code without sufficient context to use it.
How do I turn off the email confirmation functionality?
I am using GitLab Community Edition 10.7.3 2555d6c

Moved to EE as it seems it downgraded during the clone.
Seen several things such as which imply this is fixed but it’s not.
Is this a bug?

Seems, at least on EE, if you log in as an admin and change/ update the users’ email address, the issue goes away. May be related to a bug where GITLAB doesn’t pick the email address from LDAP.