How to strip certain prefix pattern from the CI_COMMIT_TAG when it is expanded?

I am using a v prefix for all my released versions of my projects(e.g. v1.2.3), however, when I name the release’s name I prefer to avoid the v prefix (e.g. Product 1.2.3), is it possible to do so directly in the GitLab CI recipe without scripting?

Recipe: .gitlab-ci.yml · main · The Common / The Common Project Template · GitLab
Running on GitLab SaaS(16.6.0-pre e4d8e46684b).

I’ve tried to export the variable that I defined to strip the v character using the Bash parameter expansion syntax according to the GitLab documentation, but it did not work, guess the step_release job stage doesn’t run in the same shell context with the before_script

What can I do then? In GitHub Actions I can define custom variables using the GITHUB_ENV like in this example, is GitLab CI provide equivalent functionality?