How to suggest swag items for the GitLab swag store?

Where can I suggest swag shop item?

Issue link from GitLab swag program | GitLab is not available (source).

Suggestion is (tanuki) plushie.

@sugaroverflow @cbacharakis

Hey @hgrnnctwc, you can leave a comment on the issue with your suggestion:

It looks like there’s already a suggestion for a tanuki plushie, so you can add your vote:

Thank you!

@sugaroverflow thanks for fast reply. The linked issue is not public. Cannot view even when logged in. Thanks.

Oh, I see! Thank you for pointing that out. I believe we’re reviewing some issues to make sure they are SAFE to be public. In the meantime, I dropped a comment sharing your suggestion. I hope this works for now, thank you!

@sugaroverflow some more suggestions:

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. Charity
  3. Software (Ubuntu, LibreOffice, etc)
  4. GitLab CI runner minutes
  5. Leaderboard for unused value
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