How to tell which users are local and which are via LDAP


Using 8.11.6 CE. The users in this installation are a mix of local users and those authenticated by LDAP (Active Directory in this case).

I can tell which is which per user by looking at each user individually in the admin view. LDAP users have a Distinguished Name entry listed at the end of the details while local users do not.

However I need to construct a list of who is of each type without browsing through all of them in the admin view - there are hundreds.

Is there any simple way to do this?

I have looked in the postgres tables, in particular the user table. There are a couple of columns that I thought might be a clue - one is password_set_externally that I thought might correlate to an LDAP user if set, and local if not. But testing a few entries reveals that not to be the case.

So is there an entry or entries anywhere in the database that I can test to definitely find if a given user is local or not?