How to troubleshoot issues?

If something doesn’t work, how to troubleshoot it?

I tried to see logs but that’s just waste of time. I watch the output of docker-compose logs -f but it’s mixing important and not important things from different facilities w/o even marking these facility.


Yes doing it via docker isn’t ideal. You can use the gitlab-ctl tail command to tail the logs when then you can do whatever you are doing in the Gitlab UI, or wherever else to see what logs appear. As per this link:

other examples given on the link.

Here also all the possible log files you can come across:

and then look at them individually to narrow it down even further. You can then grep the log files for information to try and filter out other stuff.

There isn’t a real easy answer on how to get errors to pop out in your face, with time as with any sysadmin work and searching for errors in logs, you get better at it. It’s almost like using a search engine to find what you want. You don’t always get the results you want, so you change your search query until you do find what you want.

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