How to unregister a gitlab runner

Is it possible to remove a gitlab runner from a project (or multiple projects), on the (free) version? I set up a gitlab runner on an amazon instance, tried it out, then unregistered it via the gitlab-multi-runner command line tools, then terminated the instance.
The (now terminated) gitlab multi runner and its token still shows up in several projects (with a grey active icon).

Hey, I too have this issue. I see this issue is over a year old, but as there are no answers I thought I’d revive it rather than create a new one.

Is there any way to tell to remove an old runner? I had a runner that I’ve long since destroyed but it still shows up as an option in the CI settings for every project.

I’ve found a (sort of) solution. Assign the runner to a project, go to the runner settings and set it to not be usable on other projects, then go back and remove the runner from all projects it’s currently set to. After that it does disappear entirely from the GitLab web interface.

It’s a convoluted way of achieving a simple requirement, but it works. I don’t know whether this leaves a reference to the runner somewhere that’s just not surfaced to regular users anymore but at least it stops clogging up the private runners list on every project I own :slight_smile: