How to update "used seats" to the current number after removing of many users?

Hi. We use GitLab SaaS with an Ultimate-Subscription, billed annually.

I have removed a lot of users as they don’t work for us any more. However, the section of “used seats” is not reflecting this number and is still the high number that we had before removing users.

How can I change the used seats to the number of current users before we enter the new billing period (annually)?

the value of “used seats” is automatically calculated in the background. It will reflect your change, but it might take a day or two to update.

Make sure you have really removed the users from and not just as members of root group, subgroups or projects.

Thank you. I did this exactly on the same page you were referring to. 2 days ago. I will give it another day and wait. Thanks!

In case the “Seats in use” does not update I suggest to create a ticket on

The seats are still twice as high as used. The number will not be decreased automatically. Buttons allow only to add seats but not to remove seats. I don’t like this kind of UX to be honest where decreasing is not allowed without opening support tickets or cancelling subscriptions. I am “little” disappointed and will file a ticket now

It works fine for couple of groups I have access to. The number is increasing/decreasing based on number of users.

Maybe you misunderstood the numbers?

There are 4 numbers on that page, on the left there is <current number of used seats> / <number of seats in subscription> and on the right there is <max used seats in subscription period> and <seats over paid subscription>

<current number of used seats> - updates regularly based on number of currently used seats
<number of seats in subscription> - number of seats in subscription and changes only if number of licensed seats is changed during subscription renewal
<max used seats in billing period> - the highest number of used seats in current subscription period, this is usually annual, and will only reset after subscription renewal
<seats over paid subscription> - number of seats over your subscription which equals to <max used seats in billing period> - <number of seats in subscription>