How to use the issuableAssigneesUpdated grapqhl subscription

I’d like to build a simple app to mimic the Github Notifications when colleagues comment on the tasks and MRs.

I’ve checked the graphql API and there is a way to do it polling but that could be very heavy on resources on your side.

Then i noticed the issuableAssigneesUpdated subscription and i can’t get it to work.

Here are the questions that i have about the whole thing to get it working and to understand is this even possible:

1st: What is the WebSocket address to use for the subscription, if any. if not what should we use?

2nd: Am i correct to assume that IssuableID is any ID of Epic, Issue and MergeRequest? Example : "gid://gitlab/Issue/92707896"

3rd: Is it even possible to get the events on discussions (comments on the issue or MR) via that subscription?

4th: If that’s not possible, is my only option to use the webhook and filter the correct messages( and how would i know?)

Sample repo: Daniel Maricic / Gitlab Notification Dashboard · GitLab