How to use values.yaml to connect to an external psql

Hello, I am trying to connect GitLab to an external postgresql database on AWS RDS by using a k8s secret for the credentials. The RDS database is already running and we’re using a bash script to deploy on AWS EKS but I am not sure if I inputted the right value keys on values.yaml to connect to the database. How would I know that it has connected?

values.yaml code snippet:

    useSecret: true
    secret: gitlab-secret
    key: key
  host: <RDS endpoint>
  port: <RDS port>
  username: postgres
  database: <main name of db>
  # applicationName:
  # preparedStatements: false

kubernetes secret:

kubectl create secret generic gitlab-secret --from-literal=key="<password>" -n devops-gitlab

The psql server details are already known

Hi @ReasonsTM

you values seems fine to me. You can look into Pod’s logs and see if there are any Database connection errors. If it won’t be able to connect there will be a lot of them so it is easily spoted.

Are these the database connection errors?

no they are not