How will Redis' source available and SSPL license change affect GitLab?

Redis recently changed from their 3 clause BSD license to SSPL and source-available licenses. This is a concern to those who want to use Redis as an open source library, particularly for commercial purposes. Fortunately, there’s already a fork of Redis supported by many vendors and the Linux Foundation: Valkey.

We’re using AWS, and when a similar change happened to MongoDB, Amazon simply made their own version: DocumentDB with API compatibility: I suspect Amazon’s plan is to use Valkey for their Redis / ElastiCache offering.

How does this license change impact GitLab? Will GitLab continue including Redis in pre-bundled Omnibus, Helm deployment and source installations as a dependency, or will GitLab use one of its forks?

Thanks! : )

Suggest joining and following Redis licensing change (#452303) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab