Howto offset issue numbers to certain value


we are currently using different issue tracking system and we would like to offset the first issue in our new GitLab project by 50000, so it’s easily distinguishable what belongs where.

Is there a way how to easily change the next issue number to 50000? (I don’t mind editing database…)


It seems that by creating an issue using the REST API, you can customize the iid of the issue, and the next issue will increment from that. So you can POST a new issue using using id 50000, and the id’s will start counting from there.

I actually have the opposite question. I was experimenting with these POSTing with specific ID numbers to retain historical ID #s while migrating from a different database. That particular database had some very large issue numbers, and I’m wondering if it is possible to reset the issue numbering for a gitlab project after doing such an import. My initial experiments seem to always start with the maximum issue number and keep going, which I suppose isn’t the worst thing in the world.