HTML in Service Desk templates (new_note, thank_you)

Hi there,

we set up Service Desk as our main support entry for our customers. It’s easy for them to report bugs and easy for us to follow as it is directly integrated with our project.

We tried to set up the 2 templates that will send feedback to them with a nice template to represent our product and company.

However it seems that it is really limited. (markdown and only sanitized HTML (html-pipeline/lib/html/pipeline/sanitization_filter.rb at v2.12.3 · gjtorikian/html-pipeline · GitHub)

It looks like it’s impossible to add colors and styling to it and only can have minimalist styling (markdown).

When gitlab sends email (ie : build failed emails) the mails are full HTML with styling and stuff.

Why this limitation in those Service Desk templates?

Is there any option to activate? a workaround?

It really is a shame if it cannot work with full HTML styling because the Service Desk is really a great feature.

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Hey @Xenope :wave:, thank you for your message.

Service Desk emails are basically markdown text converted to HTML. So you can use some HTML tags (including images, if they’re accessible from the internet) already. But it’s limited and not really a super-styled HTML email.

Emails that notify a user about a comment etc. are text/markdown based, so not really “styled”.

We have an epic to track work related to “customize Service Desk” and a specific issue for template branding. Feel free to subscribe to the issue and also provide additional feedback on your use case. It’s always good to have real world examples on issues :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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