Http and https domain verification

this might be assked many times, but cant find out and trying to figure out how to verify domains HTTP and HTTPS forms. i can only get 1 form verified and that is HTTPS form and when adding HTTP it just wont give me Verified status so it cant allow access on site by using www

im using namecheap as registrar and there was lots of conflicts and difrences how to get even one domain to work and verified basically i had to make
TXT rule and host is @ and then link full verification text format TXT gitlab-pages-verification-code=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx like this format otherwise it cant get verification status.

even tried alias and adding as host etc jsut i cant get second domain form to accesable so what i do wrong

i can have access on both by adding domains to gitlab, but then the domains are not Verified nor SSL secured atleast the HTTP domain name

Some updates i got both Domains verified and seems to have access now as HTTP and HTTPS there was and is issue on host when i add CNAME www pointing to it brakes HTTP verification instantly and even host says it needs to be there and wont affect anything