HTTPS session timeout settings

I’m running GitLab on Centos 7. GitLab was installed using YUM.
The initial gitlab version was

I’m trying to get the browser session to timeout so that it forces you to login again after a certain period.
I have noticed that a change request was implemented, so I upgraded from to using yum update.
Under the Administration setting I can now see the extra parameter where you can set the timeout. I have now changed it tt two minutes(for testing so I don’t have to wait so long), but it simply does not work.
I have also tried something bigger - 5 minutes - not working.

I have also done a gitlab-ctl stop, then gitlab-ctl reconfigure and then gitlab-ctl start. The new value still shows, but the browser session still does not timeout.

I have also created a CentOS 7 installation from scratch, installed GitLab via yum with version - this is as-is from the installation - so no previous upgrade problems or similar problems.

Changing the time still has no effect…

Anybody with an idea what I’m doing wrong?