Looking for a working procedure for HTTPS. I have found a few different procedures, and have been able to follow some of the following “official” procedure:

I am currently stuck here:
In the config.yml of GitLab Shell:

  1. Set gitlab_url option to the HTTPS endpoint of GitLab (e.g. ).
  2. Set the certificates using either the ca_file or ca_path option.

So I did #1, (I think, because in the instructions it did not say to trail with a slash but in the comments of the file it did… additionally the config file had :8080 in the url which I removed)

I’m lost on #2. I don’t know which to use, why use one over the other, etc.

So I went looking for a better, more complete, hand-holding procedure, because a procedure written by an average Joe is almost always better than what a vendor supplies, but no luck. Procedures I found didn’t line up with this official procedure at all, caused me more confusion.

This can’t be hard! I have set up https before. Agh.


Maybe something like this? It’s an average Joe type of article on the setup, that could perhaps supplement.

Different admin’s setup can vary greatly, which I think sometimes GitLab’s official documentation goes a bit more vague and focus more on their product side.

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