I am facing issues with GitLab CE after migrating from v13 to v16 ( latest )

1.) NullifyOrphanRunnerIdOnCiBuilds: ci_builds “failed” 2.) BackfillAdminModeScopeForPersonalAccessTokens: personal_access_tokens “failed”, 3.) This badge element is always visible and communicates the GitLab instance version is not showing anymore, I have added the Screenshots/attachments below.

Hi Gitlab community,

recently we have upgarded GitLab CE v13.x.x ( latest minor ) to GitLab CE v16.2.3, so far I have these 3 issues, out of those point 1.) and 2.) I do not know what consequeses it will bring to us and i am afraid because of those 2 failed once! Point 3.) although the GitLab v16.2.3 is “upto date” the badge is not showing beside “GitLab Community Edition v16.2.3” after i click on “help” of (?) dropdown! Help me why it like this, how can i get to know upto date/ updates avalable! gitlab/gitlab-ce - Installation · packages.gitlab.com == source ( host: AWS EC2 ubuntu instance focal amd64 .deb ) GitLab CE v16.2.3

do you have more info about your environment? debian / centos? were there any errors during upgrades?

Have you followed supported upgrade paths or have you directly upgraded GitLab 13 to GitLab 16?