I am not able to run my phython script in git lab cli

- kubectl get pods -n kubeflow (I get results as aspected)
- python3 submit.py

import kfp.dsl as dsl
import kfp.gcp as gcp
import kfp
from kubernetes.client.models import V1EnvVar
import warnings
import kfp.compiler as compiler
import kfp.components as comp

client = kfp.Client()


This works in some environments and does not work in others.

What is the difference between this two-line
Success when it is docker-auto-scale
Running with gitlab-runner 12.8.0 (1b659122)
on docker-auto-scale 72989761

Running with gitlab-runner 12.6.0 (ac8e767a)
on gitlab-runner-gitlab-runner-58dcf98b56-726r8 4zGnsTTU