I cannot log into GIT CE

When I try to log in using DFN-AAI Single Sign-On with my RWTH Aachen account, it says " Sign-in using DFN-AAI Single Sign-On auth failed" and asks me to “contact a GitLab administrator”.

Is this the right place to ask for help? I have no idea how to solve this issue.

Thank you in advance

Who is your Gitlab Administrator? This will be the person who installed and configured Gitlab on your server.

People can potentially help here, but they need someone who knows how your server is configured, to post complete information as to how SSO was configured, etc. If you didn’t do that, then the person who installed/configured your server needs to post, or if you are now the administrator of your Gitlab server, then you need to post your SSO configuration etc.

With the little knowledge I have, if I understand it correctly:

I am planning to use “Git ce”, which is the/a server(?) of my university.
Hence, I will try to contact our IT helpdesk next. Thank you for your help!

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