I can't log in and I can't recover my password

I can’t log in to GitLab using my email address.

I can’t recover my password - the email does not ever get sent. It is not in my spam folder.

Can anybody help me?


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I have the same issue. I think the problem might be related to the fact that I have an email in my own domain. I even couldn’t create an account on this forum using my own e-mail address and had to provide a gmail one.

Here is another user probably affected by the same issue: Login verification code

What is worse gitlab blocked my account probably because too many failed attempts to log in.

It’s been a week without a response. Can anybody help?

If you searched this forum, you would find this question has been asked so many times already. This is a community forum and since nobody here has admin privileges on Gitlab.com nobody can help fix your problem. Only the Gitlab Team have the ability to help, and whilst they do visit the forum, as you have found the lack of response means they are most likely busy.

You would have to contact Gitlab directly by opening a support ticket to try and get the problem resolved. Search the forum or google “gitlab support ticket” to find out how to do that. That may be quicker than posting here, but you most likely will still have to wait if you don’t have a paid subscription.