I lost my phone, but i know my account user name, password


I lost my phone where an authenticator application is setup.
But i still remember the user name / email and password to login.

Could you guys help me to use my gitlab account. I trusted gitlab to keep my private work (a startup project).

Most of us here are just community members so we cannot help you since only Gitlab admins can help with such a request. You need to contact Gitlab support directly: https://support.gitlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000803379

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Thank you so much @iwalker , I have raised a ticket now :slight_smile:

Hi @iwalker I have got the response from the Gitlab team stating that they won’t be able to help users with the freemium plan :frowning: . This was an Unfortunate situation for me (due to my financial terms).

I hope one day I will pay Gitlab the amount to get my 3 years of work back.

Thank you @iwalker

Did you have an SSH key uploaded to your user account? If so you can use this to get 2FA recovery codes.

ssh git@gitlab.com 2fa_recovery_codes
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Yes I knew this way, but the machine was handed over to my previous employer.