I need help with disabling TFA

I need help with disabling TFA. The recovery codes I have do not work.

  • Are you using gitlab.com?
  • Do you have an SSH key registered to your account?
  • Which plan are you on? (Free / Bronze / Silver / Gold)

Hi @rpadovani I have the same problem. But unfortunately, I don’t have ssh and I’m a free user. I have read somewhere that I need to have a paid version to disable tfa, but I’m not sure. If yes, what is the process to upgrade if I can’t access my account?



Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible to update your account, if you don’t have access to it!

Probably yes… But as hope is the last thing which deaths, I’m waiting for someone to help. Otherwise, I have to swap to GitHub (again). I migrated to GitLab when GitHub was bought by Microsoft, but unfortunately, as we look the support of GitLab is not helpful, even when a free user can upgrade to a paid version. Anyway, thanks for the answer! And, Happy New Year:)