I see the port when cloning repo

good afternoon, My gitlab server when I clone by ssh shows me the port number. Please someone who knows how not to show the port. thank you

I don’t really understand your problem. What difference does it make seeing the port or not? You can even look inside the .git/config file and see the port as well. I’m guessing you are not using the standard SSH port 22 and this is why you see it.

I suppose (I guess), change from the non-standard port to the standard SSH port 22 and your problem won’t exist. Otherwise, changing the port, like if you change the standard HTTP/HTTPS port, it will also show.

Either way, hidden or not, it’s possible to clone, and then use netstat to check open ports, and it will also be seen. So hiding it doesn’t really solve anything, the port can still be discovered in many ways.

Thanks, I just thought there was some way to hide the port through which it was running.