I think I found a bug about ref name

  • hello, there
  • i find a bug on project home page
  • Discovered steps
  1. create a project like this https://gitlab.com/SURA907/test-ref-name/tree/master
  2. push some code to branch master
  3. create new branch sura-pr, and modify some code
  4. create a merge request from branch sura-pr to master
  5. create a new branch refs/merge-requests/1/head
  6. run git ls-remoteon local git repository
  7. we can see that: the ref of branch refs/merge-requests/1/head is refs/heads/refs/merge-requests/1/head
  8. and the ref refs/merge-requests/1/headis used to merge request(it should be a hidden ref)
  9. refs/merge-requests/1/head and refs/heads/refs/merge-requests/1/head is different and they have the different commit id
  10. but when i open the project page to branch refs/heads/refs/merge-requests/1/head, it shou me the hidden ref refs/merge-requests/1/head
  • In fact, I don’t know what topic this bug should be posted on.
  • If I post it on an inappropriate topic, want to the administrator to help me move it.
  • thanks